The Dark Night Of The Soul – Part 2

Published August 11th, 2008 in Personal Advice and Self Help For Actors. By Kirsten Tretbar
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darknight2.pngFor the last several years, I’ve been writing a novel. I’m now trying to get it published. The novel started as a reaction to a year-long period in my life which I could call now, “My Dark YEAR of the Soul.” I couldn’t find any film or teaching work in LA, my father was dying of alcoholism back in Kansas City, I had gained fifty pounds, was feeling middle aged, (having just turned forty), and I was more broke than I’d ever been. It was a terrible time. My husband and friends had no clue how to help me. And I struggled each day, just to get out of bed.

One morning, sick of it all, I sat down at my computer and started to write. Since I couldn’t think of one single profound thing to say, I just wrote about …

The Dark Night Of The Soul – Part 1

Published August 2nd, 2008 in Personal Advice and Self Help For Actors. By Kirsten Tretbar

darknight11.pngWhat is The Dark Night of the Soul? It’s a feeling most of us have at three in the morning (or even, for weeks and months at a time) when we feel totally alone. When we feel unbearably lost. When we ask, or pray, and do not hear any reply. It can be a period where just getting out of bed to do our daily tasks seems like the hardest thing to do. Brushing our teeth hurts. Taking a shower is painful. Sending out one more headshot or calling one more agent, or having one more conversation about “who we want to be” and “what we really want to do with our lives” feels like someone sticking a hot poker up our backs! It’s those periods in life when all we’d rather do is pull the covers back over …